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We provide video game-like technology and a wearable hand manipulation device to help survivors of stroke and/or traumatic brain injury improve limb movements

Our mission is to help survivors of acquired brain injury to help themselves regain control of intact, but impaired limbs. In clinical trials, our “Pre-Action Games & Exercises” (PAGE) were shown to improve patients’ physical limb movement functions and produce volumetric brain changes in participants, resulting in overall cognitive improvement. Using our recent innovation, survivors personally controlling virtual limbs simultaneously self-administer assistive movement to impaired physical hands.

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Pre-Action Games and Exercises (PAGE)

PAGE is a platform of fun and useful ‘games’ presented in virtual environments. Virtualized movements in the game facilitate physical limb movement in patients. Survivors ‘Playing’ PAGE automatically signal a wearable hand movement device (WHMD) to gently manipulate an impaired hand.

Clinical Trials for New Developments

Help get our developments to survivors in need

We have successfully completed two clinical trials in the US and Europe. We need your support for clinical trials and to develop more PreAction Games and Exercises and Wearable Limb Movement Devices. Learn how you can donate financially or assist in our next round of clinical trials.

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